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  • Accessing Your Lash & Brow Course

    Our TAOND Lash & Brow Course uses a combination of Cima Content and Unique TAOND content, Tutor feedback and grading.  In order to get started in your course, once you have purchased your tuition we put in an order for your unique Cima Access Code and that can take up to 7-10 Business Days to generate.

    But don't worry in the meantime while you wait for your Access code to be generated we have created some fabulous resources, L&B Tips & Hints, a short assignment for you to complete telling us about your Lash & Brow Career goals so we can get to know a little about your therefore better to assist you throughout your program with us, and finally we have partnered with Virox Technologies who have created a FREE Decontamination Certificate course that we require you to complete before beginning your studies.

    And finally after completing your Assignment and your Decontamination Certificate course, we would then encourage you to review your L & B Shopping lists and start gathering your required products and supplies so that you'll be ready to begin your practical work as soon as you receive your Access Code.