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    From The Premier Online Nail Professional Program Provider The Academy Of Nail Design

    Comes TAOND'S Ultimate Master's Level Certificate


    It's Time To 'Up Your Nail Game!'

    What is in the TAOND CMNP Program?

    This is an 8 Component Program  and after your payment of your TAOND Passport is confirmed you'll receive access to each of the 8 program components.

    Each component contains exciting information, resources and challenging assignments, tests and research projects.

    We start you off with our TAOND CMNP - Component 1

    "Becoming a Certified Master Nail Professional & Creating Your Individualized I.B."

    In this first of 8 components, we'll be delving deep into the world of a CMNP, what that looks like, the role of a CMNP, Where your career is and then examining the direction you want to take your career.  We'll get you focusing on the most introspective areas of your career. Areas and topics you may have never given any thought to before now. We'll talk about what's happening statistically in the Nail Industry today, examining what's going on with your competition, and whether all of this affects you.

    AND most importantly - you'll be creating your Individualized Career Inspirational Baseline.

     This is the Exciting First Step in this AMAZING Program and Process!

    *Please Note - Each of your CMNP Program Components have been designed very purposefully to build on the previous Component, so that by the time you have completed all 8 of your Program Components you are confident and prepared for you final CMNP Exam.

    We're Thrilled To Take You On This Educational Journey With Us!

    So Let's Get You Started!